Lost Creek Quicklooks

One-minute data:

Battery Voltage:

Air Temps:

Station Pressure:

Relative Humidity:

Shortwave in/out:

Longwave in/out:


Rain total:

Water level and temperature:

GP Soil CO2:

GP Soil Temp

Fast Data:


CSAT3 Total Case
TotalObs 412998 Total obs in period
61503   No data available
61502   Anemometer does not respond
61442   Wrong CSAT3 embedded code
61441   SDM comms error
61440   Lost Trigger
allother 412998 All other non-special case codes

CSAT3 Total Mean Notes
ux_range     wind speed range
uy_range     wind speed range
uz_range     wind speed range
counter     counter?
b12     sonic signal amplitude too low
b13     sonic signal amplitude to high
b14     poor signal lock
b15     difference in c between 3-axes > 2.36m/s

CSAT3 wind:

LI7500 Total Mean Max Min
SS NA 93.4 100.0 93.4
chopper 412160 1.0 1  
detect 412888 1.0 1  
PLL 412888 1.0 1  
sync 412888 1.0 1  

LI7500 Signal Strength:

LI7500 CO2:

LI7500 H2O:

LI7700 Total % occurrence Case
TotalObs 412998 100.0 Total obs in period
32768 218   Not Ready
16384     No Signal
8192 209   Ref CH4 signal not locked
4096     Optical path TC fail
2048     Laser cooler unreg
1024     Block temp unreg
512     Mirror spin motor on
256     Washer pump on
128     Top mirror heater on
64     Bot mirror heater on
32     Cal in process
16     Mirror spin motor fail
14 412774 100.0 Nominal Ops (no errors or aux items on)

LI7700 Signal Strength:

LI7700 CH4:

IRGA/CSAT3 temps

IRGA Pressures