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Ankur R Desai, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, College of Letters & Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faculty affiliate, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Center for Climatic Research and SAGE, Freshwater and Marine Science, Wisconsin Ecology

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We investigate how regional spatial patterning, scale, and human modification of land-atmosphere fluxes of heat, water, and carbon influence the lower atmosphere, and how those meteorological and climatic responses modify terrestrial ecosystem ecological functioning More...


  • See what the lab has been up to and papers they are reading at our tumblr page:
  • Jul 2018 UW News coverage of CHEESEHEAD19
  • Jun 2018 Great visit to the Domain 5 NEON core site tower by the lab
  • Jun 2018 Another blog post from the field by Angela
  • Mar 2018 Undergrad lab intern Angela Baldocchi blog write up on Lake Mendota ice off
  • Jan 2018 Gosia Golub's JGR paper mentioned in NY Time. Full-text access on publications page.
  • Dec 2017 Undergraduate intern Carolyn Pugh's research now published in Biogeochemistry!
  • Nov 2017 New papers and a book chapter out by PhD students Ke Xu, Malgorzata Golub, Post-doc David Reed, and Ankur Desai, see more here
  • Oct 2017 Interview on the academic job search at AMS BECP Facebook page
  • July 2017 Ankur writes an editorial on permafrost papers at EOS
  • June 2017 WORT-FM interview with Ankur Desai on the Paris Agreement withdrawal
  • February 2017 WFJW discusses Northwoods and climate change with Ankur Desai
  • Older News

ESWN Major SupporterKeywords: regional surface-atmosphere interaction, biogeochemistry, eddy covariance technique, flux towers, carbon dioxide, methane, boundary layer, micrometeorology, turbulence, terrestrial ecosystems, forests, wetlands, lakes, Great Lakes, land management, climate change, global warming, climate policy

Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences and Center for Climatic Research, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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