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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

submitted, in review
Abdul-Aziz, O., Ishtiaq, K.,Zaki, M., Desai, A.R., Tang, J., Oberbauer, S., Blanken, P., Starr, G., and Staudhammer, C., 2017. Linking net ecosystem exchange (NEE) with the climatic and ecohydrological indicators across diverse ecosystems using data analytics. J. Geophys Res.-G., #2017JG003995, submitted.
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Liu, Y., Sonnentag, S., Desai, A.R., 2018. Improved estimates of vegetation phenology using PhenoCam images in North America: a new perspective based on red chromatic coordinate, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, #AGRFORMET-D-18-01267, submitted.
Lu,X., Desai, A.R., Cheng, X., Soudani, K., and Li, X., 2018. Can we empirically predict net carbon uptake period with satellite remote sensing? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, #AGRFORMET-D-18-01026, submitted.
McCombs , A., Hiscox, A., Desai, A.R.., Wang, C., 2017. An empirical modeling approach to estimating regional scale net ecosystem exchange in maize and soybean fields in the US corn belt. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, #AGRFORMET-D-17-00847, submitted.
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Peltola, O., Vesala, T., Gao, Y., Räty, O., Alekseychik, P., Aurela, M., Chojnicki, B., Desai, A.R., Dolman, A.J., Euskirchen, E.S., Friborg, T., Göckede, M. ,Helbig, M., Humphreys, E., Jackson, R.B., Jocher, G., Joos, F., Klatt, J., Knox, S.H., Kutzbach, L., Lienert, S., Lohila, A., Mammarella, I., Nadeau, D.F., Nilsson, M.B., Oechel, W.C., Peichl, M. ,Pypker, T., Quinton, W., Rinne, J., Sachs, T., Samson, M., Schmid, H.-P., Sonnentag, O., Wille, C., Zona, D., and Aalto, T., 2019. Monthly Gridded Data Product of Northern Wetland Methane Emissions Based on Upscaling Eddy Covariance Observations. Earth System Science Data,, submitted.
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Xu, K., Sühring, M., Metzger, S., Durden,D., Desai, A.R., 2018. Can data mining help eddy-covariance see the landscape? A large-eddy simulation study, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, #BOUN-D-18-00116, submitted.

in press
Reed, D.E., Desai, A.R., Whitaker, E., Nuckles, H., 2019. Evaluation of Low-Cost, Automated Lake Ice Thickness Measurements. J. Atmos. Ocean, Tech, #JTECH-D-18-0214, accepted.

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Books & Book Chapters

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Data Products

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Conference Papers, Discussion Papers, Technical Reports, and Extended Abstracts

Talib, A. and Desai, A.R., 2018: IComparing Evapotranspiration on an irrigation potato field and pine plantation, Badger Common'Tater Dec 2018 issue, Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Grower's Association, (link)
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Desai, A.R., 2018: Getting Littoral with Lake Carbon Efflux AGU Editor's Highlights, EOS, (link)
Desai, A.R., 2018: Drones Hunt for Impacts of Oil Exploration on Wetland Emissions AGU Editor's Highlights, EOS, (link)
Desai, A.R., 2018: Ocean Wind Satellites Observe an Amazonian Drought AGU Editor's Highlights, EOS, (link)
Desai, A.R., 2018: What Will Redwood Trees Do Without Foggy Days? AGU Editor's Highlights, EOS, (link)
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Conference Abstracts (non peer reviewed)

10-20 conference abstracts per year for posters and talk presented at regional, national and international workshops, including AGU and AMS. Links to posters and talks provided where available after each reference. Click here to access our regularly updated list. Or here for a list of all seminar presentations.
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