Lab members


Principal Investigator
Ankur Desai Dr. Ankur Desai, Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Ankur's Ecometeorology lab studies how ecosystems influence and are influenced by weather and climate and how those interactions change across space and time scales from genome to globe. Our primary field sites are located in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan and in Madison, but we also collaborate and conduct short-term campaigns all over the world. We use a variety of tools including greenhouse gas spectroscopy for atmospheric and aquatic CO2, CH4, and others, eddy covariance flux towers, in situ and airborne micrometeorology, satellite remote sensing, multi- and hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy, soil, forest, wetland, and aquatic analytical biogeochemical, ecophysiological, and landscape ecology methods, quantitative ecological and climate models, numerical mesoscale and large eddy simulation atmospheric models, and numerous data assimilation, imputation, prediction, scaling, model-data fusion, informatics, and machine learning approaches.
Research Associates and Visiting Scientists
JonathanThom Jonathan Thom Research Scientist, 2007-
Jonathan manages and engineers all aspects of operations of the Greenhouse Gas Spectroscopy lab, short-term field experiments, our long-term Ameriflux sites, the NTL LTER Mendota Buoy and flux tower, and SSEC rooftop instrumentation
Susi Wiesner Susi Wiesner, Fall 2018-
Susi is a post-doc studying agricultural sustainability and carbon and energy fluxes.
Melissa Breeden Melissa Breeden, Fall 2018-
Melissa is a post-doc working on potential vorticity based diagnosis of snow cover on mid-latitude cyclones.
Ryan Clare Ryan Clare, Fall 2018-
Ryan is a post-master's research fellow studying the role of seasonal snow cover on synoptic mid-latitude storms using numerical mesoscale models and PV analysis
Minmin Sun Minmin Sun, 2018-2019
Minmin is a visiting Ph.D. student from Sun-yat Sen University working on remote sensing of carbon cycles
Xiaowu Xu Xiaowu Wu, 2018-2019
Xiaowu is a visiting Ph.D. student from Beijing Forestry University working on carbon and water cycle modeling and forest management

Ph.D. Students
Ammara Talib Ammara Talib, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Spring 2017-
Ammara is developing regional hydrologic models to evaluate the role of drought and water withdrawals on regional water use in regions such as the Central Sands, WI
Sreenath Paleri Sreenath Paleri, AOS Fall 2018-
Sreenath is studying large eddy simulations and observations of mesoscale circulations in the boundary-layer
M.S. Students
Jess Turner Jess Turner, Environment and Resources, Fall 2018-
Jess is studying issues surrounding land management, water resources, and ecosystem fluxes in agroecosystems.
BaileyMurphy Bailey Murphy, AOS Fall 2018-
Bailey is advancing methods to improve prediction of forest management in models using ecosystem model-data informatics
Anthony Crespo Anthony Crespo, AOS Fall 2018-
Anthony is conducting research on snow cover and storm feedbacks
Undergraduate Fellows and Interns
Blake Olson Blake Olson, AOS Fall 2018
Blake is an undergraduate Bio 152 intern studying midwestern forest management and ecosystem feedbacks
Pre-college interns
Teaching Assistants and Writing Fellows
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