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The Chequamegon Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (ChEAS ) is a research cooperative that seeks to understand carbon and water cycles of terrestrial ecosystems at regional scales, using the Northwoods of Wisconsin as our study region. This page provides links to existing repositories and metadata of ChEAS flux tower sites. Please let me know of dead links.

All data are publicly accessible and open for use in research, but I request (but do not require) that you contact me prior to presentation or publication and acknowledge funding and site publication. Please acknowledge funding and cite the primary citation for each tower site you use. Please also be sure to be familiar with the Ameriflux fair-use policy

Primary funding support (please acknowledge when using data):

  • Department of Energy Office of Science, Ameriflux Network Management Project Support for UW ChEAS Cluster (US-Los,US-PFa,US-WCr,US-Syv, 2012-present)

Other sources of funding:

  • National Science Foundation, Biology Directorate, DEB-0845166 (US-PFa,US-Los 2008-2014) and ABI-1062204 (2011-2015) and ABI-1457897 (2015-2019) (modeling)
  • Wisconsin Focus on Energy, EERD #10-06 (US-WCr 2009-2011)
  • USDA North Central Research Station (US-WCr 2009-2010)
  • Department of Energy, NICCR Midwest, 050516Z19 (US-Los 2007-2010)
  • Department of Energy, Terrestrial Carbon Processes (US-Syv 2001-2006)
  • NASA Carbon Cycle (Roving towers, WLEF biometry 2000-2004)

US-WCr: Willow Creek Mature Northern Hardwood Forest (1998-2006, 2010-)

US-Syv: Sylvania Old-Growth Northern Hardwood-Hemlock Forest (2001-2008, 2012-)

US-Los: Lost Creek Shrub Fen Wetland (2000-2010, 2013-)

US-PFa: WLEF / Park Falls Very Tall Tower (1995-)

  • Phenocam LC
  • Latitude: 45.9459 Longitude: -90.2723 Elevation: 470m PFT: Mixed forest/wetland
  • Site publication: Davis, K.J., Bakwin, P.S., Yi, C., Berger, B.W., Zhao, C., Teclaw, R., and Isebrands, J.G., 2003. The annual cycles of CO2 and H2O exchange over a northern mixed forest as observed from a very tall tower, Global Change Biology, 9, 1278-1293.
  • Flux computation methodology: Berger, B.W., Davis, K.J., and Yi, C., 2001. Long-Term Carbon Dioxide Fluxes from a Very Tall Tower in a Northern Forest: Flux Measurement Methodology, J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech, 18, 529-542.
  • Site publication for post-2006 data: Desai, A.R., 2014. Influence and predictive capacity of climate anomalies on daily to decadal extremes in canopy photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Research, 119, 31-47, doi:10.1007/s11120-013-9925-z.
  • Site publication for methane flux data: Desai, A.R., Xu, K., Tian H., Weishampel, P., Thom, J., Baumann, D., Andrews, A.E., Cook, B.D., King, J.Y., and Kolka, R., 2015. Landscape-level terrestrial methane flux observed from a very tall tower. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 201, 61-75, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2014.10.017.
  • Site publication for greenhouse gas profiles: Andrews, A.E., Kofler, J.D., Trudeau, M.E., Williams, Neff, D.H., Masarie, K.A., Chao, D.Y., Kitzis, D.R., Novelli, P.C., Zhao, C.L., Dlugokencky, E.J., Lang, P.M., Crotwell, M.J., Fischer, M.L., Parker, M.J., Lee, J.T., Baumann, D.D., Desai, A.R., Stanier, C.O., de Wekker, S.F.J., Wolfe, D.E., Munger, J.W., and Tans, P.P., 2014. CO2, CO, and CH4 measurements from tall towers in the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory's Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network: instrumentation, uncertainty analysis, and recommendations for future high-accuracy greenhouse gas monitoring efforts. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 7, 647-687, doi:10.5194/amt-7-647-2014.
  • Ameriflux Site description Fluxnet page
  • Biological, Ancillary, Disturbance data and summaries
  • Flux and met data: PI, Ameriflux Level 2
  • Gap-filled fluxes: PI, Ameriflux Level 2, Ameriflux Level 4 (N/A)
  • Raw 10 Hz data, 1 minute met profile data
  • Recent raw data quicklooks: 30 m 122 m 396 m Trailer
  • WLEF balloon soundings - ISS, parachute profiles, radar profiles, PBL depth, ceilometer cloud base
  • NOAA tall tower flask and continuous greenhouse gas concentrations
  • ObsPack NOAA GHG data
  • Total column greenhouse gases: TCCON
  • COSMOS Park Falls neutron-scattering soil moisture data

Shorter-term campaigns

Meteorology data

Spatial data

Other data

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